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Park Residence

The MiniMo expert team created a scale model for the residential complex Park Residence, which belongs to the Sarajevo Center Municipality. It is located on a slope settlement with an altitude of about 600 meters above sea level. At the top of the location, there is a plateau of a residential complex with extraordinary city views. Besides the fantastic scenery, the advantage of the site is the immediate vicinity of the City Center and the forest park with deciduous and coniferous trees, which makes this residential complex isolated and yet in the city.

The model was made in stages:
• Terrain
• Basement floors with a ground floor and exterior decoration
• Residential cubes with apartments and facade cladding
• Horticultural landscaping

Selected floors inside the model are illuminated by LED lighting. We made the model primarily by hand (90%) and partly by machine using a CNC machine (10%). We used sustainable materials sourced locally: forex, plastic, extruded styrofoam, paper of different weights, acrylic paints, particular decorative elements for models (people, grass, cars).

  • Location

    Sarajevo, Crni Vrh

  • Architect

    Kenan Hadžović

  • Scale

    1: 100

  • Model Dimensions

    280 cm x 160 cm

  • Model Designers

    Velid Hodžić, Elvis Hajdarević, Adisa Karavdić, Mahir Njemčević, Ismihana Mumdžić-Hodžić and Džanita Lutvić

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