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About Us

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MiniMo scale model Sarajevo
MiniMo Model detail

We build complex and visually appealing models

We combine our passion for space, geometry, and architecture with other artistic elements to build complex, detailed and visually appealing scale models. Well crafted, they fascinate architects, investors, and real estate brokers, along with their clients.

We are a team of idealistic architects, 3D artists, landscape architects, designers, photographers and constructors who never run out of ideas and inspiration. We wish, above all, to offer the best solutions, starting from the very beginning, when we deal with the concept and the first steps of the designing process.

Regardless of the size and complexity of your project, we are resourceful and always eager to come up with clever ideas and presentation/promotion strategies for the constructions that you want to build. We love a good challenge, and we never step back. We create scale models, product design models, prototypes, 3D modelling and renderings, for any project, be it industrial, cultural, or residential.


First Step

Excepting the challenge


Second Step

Forging the strategy


Third Step

Creating the solution

We offer our clients high-quality solutions with tangible results

What’s more, we’re not only competitive inside our workshop but also on the market on which we offer our services. With the utmost respect for deadlines, we are meticulous and provide a fair price for impeccable executions of the projects that come to us.

By choosing us, you make a strategic move that can turn into a fruitful relationship and a long-term collaboration. Above all, we stand for open communication to help our clients choose the best solutions for their projects. That’s how we always manage to deliver models that exceed all expectations.

Our Clients

Our Team

Velid Hodzic

Velid Hodzic



Elvis Hajdarevic

Model Designer

Ismihana Mumdzic Hodzic

Architect & 3D Modeling


Mahir Njemčević


Adisa Karavdić

Model Designer

MiniMo Scale-Model detail3

What we do

Scale models
Product design models
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