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Villa C1.4 in Breza Resort

MiniMo expert team designed and executed a scale model for Villa C 1.4 as part of the bigger residential project Breza Resort.

It has the entrance to the building planned below the ground floor level of the building. The villa is conceptually designed to separate joint rooms with an entrance, a garage, and a sleeping block with an intimate terrace. We planned an adequate horticultural solution around the building.

The kitchen with dining area, living room, toilets and pantries are on the ground floor. The kitchen, dining room and living room are interconnected and have no physical barrier. The facade of the ground floor of the building is created with stone and visually resembles the local architecture of an old Bosnian house. All bedrooms have access to an extensive joint terrace divided into “intimate” and “open” zones. The facade of the floor is made with wooden slats.

The model is equipped with lighting.

  • Location


  • Architects

    Ismihana Mumdžić-Hodžić; Mahir Njemčević and Džanita Lutvić

  • Scale


  • Model Dimensions

    40 x 60 cm

  • Model Designers

    Velid Hodžić, Elvis Hajdarević, Adisa Karavdić, Mahir Njemčević, Ismihana Mumdžić-Hodžić and Džanita Lutvić

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